Compliance is not a corporate function that generates income. It does however play an important role in effectively controlling risk and putting a business plan into action. The efficiency of corporate progress improves with good compliance arrangements. The most crucial aspect of running a business is adhering to the law. Otherwise, financial hardship may result from compliance risk, fines, and penalties. Our highly qualified team will keep you informed about novel regulations and laws that pertain to compliance.

Our Team depth of knowledge in this area has helped many establishments to comply with various legal compliances. We provide the following compliance services as –

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Establishment Compliance

The Shops and Establishment Licence Act Compliance Act, passed by every state in India, is one of the significant regulations that most enterprises in that country are required to abide by. The purpose of the Act is to control the terms of employment, payment of salaries, number of hours worked, leave and holiday entitlements, and other working conditions for those who are employed in retail and commercial establishments.

Factory Compliance

The main goals of Factories Compliance are to uphold uniform safety standards and advance the welfare and health of factory workers.

Coordination and liaison with numerous government authorities are required for Factory Compliance in order to secure various licences and statutory certificates.

Labour Compliance

The laws and rules that businesses must adhere to are those governed by labour law. The treatment of the labour force at work is governed by a set of regulations known as labour laws. Labour is an organization’s most valuable resource, and labour laws are enforced to guarantee that workers’ rights are upheld and to protect them from any exploitation. It controls businesses, employees, and labour unions. Penalties may be taken against the organisation for breaking the law.

Environment , Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance

Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Compliance is a crucial and essential discipline that addresses the need to provide industrial workers with a safe and healthy working environment and is in charge of maintaining, enhancing environmental, health, and safety issues at both the national and International levels. The successful implementation of EHS strategies depends on people who can assist organisations in achieving their EHS goals and guarantee knowledge of practical implementations of Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)Compliance at all levels.

Statutory & Regulatory compliance

It means a predetermined legal framework that any organisation must operate under. Statutory compliance is the name given to this system.

Basically, the company has to handle its workers in a way that complies with all applicable labour law regulations.

These laws guarantee the well-being of the organisation, the employer, and the employee.

All organisations, regardless of size and prominence, are required to be followed; otherwise, harsh legal action may be taken against them.

ROC Compliance

For registered Private Limited Companies, ROC compliance is required. The business must meet the annual compliance requirement, regardless of overall revenue or capital investment. All businesses that have been registered in India, including private limited companies, one-person businesses, limited corporations, and section 8 businesses, are required to maintain annual compliances, including filing annual returns and income tax returns. Even though company registration is the most common way to launch a business, after the enterprise is incorporated, a number of compliances must be followed.


We are a team of Advocates and are very well-versed with the laws. There are various amendments and modifications that the government of India comes up with on a regular basis for a better understanding of each law and for the betterment of each regulation. We provide Legal updates on a weekly basis which contain the new laws that have been introduced, any modification made in the law, and any regulation that has been dismissed. Legal updates help business entities to run their business within the boundaries of the law as updated regularly. We shortlist and filter the new updates introduced by the Government of India on the scope of business of each individual.


Each Company/organisation provides with a certain set of policies to all its employees and workers. We all know that very few of the employees actually go through such policies. In order to spread awareness and knowledge about the company policies, we provide training to all people associated with the organisation. Furthermore, this training develops a mindset among the employees on the seriousness of such policies and forms a guideline to conduct themselves within the scope of the Company’s policies. This kind of training and development are:

This category also includes training for internal experts and managers. Examples are: