The shops and commercial establishments covered under the Act must mandatorily apply for registration under the respective state Act. All establishments and businesses, including the people working and maintaining a business from home, must obtain a Shop and Establishment Registration Certificate or Shop License (“Certificate”) under the Act. This Act regulates hours of work, annual leave, weekly holidays, Payment of wages and compensation, Prohibition of employment of children, Prohibition of employing women and young persons in the night shift, Enforcement and Inspection, Opening and closing hours, Record keeping by the employers.


The procedure for obtaining the Shop and Establishment Registration Certificate differs from state to state. It can be obtained online or offline.

Step 1

We shall log into the respective State Labour Department website. Our expert team shall fill the application form for registration under the Shop and Establishment Act, upload the documents, and pay the prescribed fees. The prescribed fees differ from state to state.

Step 2

Our team shall feed the details relating to the name of the employer and establishment, address and category of the establishment, number of employees and other relevant details as required.

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The Certificate or the Shop License acts as a basic registration/license for the business.

This Certificate is produced for obtaining many other business licenses and registrations.

It serves as proof of the incorporation of commercial establishment or shops.
It is also useful when the proprietor of the business wants to obtain a loan or create a current bank account for the business. Most banks will ask for this Certificate for opening a current bank account.