ISI Registration


ISI registration refers to the process of obtaining the ISI mark for a product in India. The ISI mark is a certification mark issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which signifies that a particular product meets the specified quality standards set by the BIS. The ISI mark is commonly seen on various products sold in India, such as electrical appliances, industrial goods, food products, and consumer goods.


  1. Choose the Product Code – Firstly, you are required to select the product quality as prescribed in the Indian Standard Institute.


  1. Identify an ISI standard code for your product


  1. Filing of Application Form -After choosing the product code, in the next step, you have to file the file the registration application form. (Form-V)


  1. Affix all the necessary documents along with the application form- In this step, you need to pay fees as required for the certification and inspection of your factory premise.


  1. Inspection of the Factory Premise -Upon successful submission of the application, Inspection team and the persons authorized by the Government will visit the factory premise. The inspection team and authorized person will inspect the factory premise and quality control process. The inspection team will take some samples of your product and good for testing in BIS approved lab.


  1. Collect the Test Report-Get lab test report of the sample done by the inspection and submit the lap report to BIS.


  1. Issuance of ISI Registration Certificate -BIS, after proper verification of the testing report and application form, will issue a registration certificate.

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Advantages of ISI Mark Certification

1. It helps to increase the satisfaction of the customer.

2. Where the customer is unsatisfied with the product’s quality, then the company selling the product will exchange the product with a new one.

3. For every customer, the mark makes it possible to get the best quality of the product.

4. If any customer finds that the product having ISI is of bad quality, then the customer can take action against the manufacturer of the product.

5. It helps the manufacturers and owners of the product to increase their business.