IPR Litigation

The broad range of rules governing trademarks, copyright, patents, designs, geographical indications, plant varieties, and semiconductor integrated circuit layout-design fall under the umbrella of intellectual property.

The number of instances involving intellectual property litigation in India has increased over the past few years as more people in the country are becoming aware of their IP rights. We have a team of expert Advocate that shall protect your Intellectual Property. Here are two exclusive remedies available to the party that has been wronged when any Intellectual Property Rights (IP) of the IP owner are violated :

Infringement actions and common law/passing-off actions are the two main types of civil IP actions. Unlike the latter, which is a conventional remedy exclusively in trademark lawsuits, the former is frequently brought for trademarks, patents, designs, and copyright issues. We have great experience in conducting Trademark raids for clients, where we have restricted the duplicate usage of names, logos, and symbols by conducting raids.

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Family Law

Litigation involving divorce-related concerns and parties going through a divorce is known as family law litigation. Post-divorce conflicts may also be included in family law litigation.

Family law encompasses the many faiths practised in India, as well as their corresponding rules and regulations. These laws and regulations deal with disputes by offering well-considered, prompt, and affordable remedies to the aggrieved party or parties in order to resolve those problems in a timely way. Family law, covers matters like marriage, divorce, adoption, child support, and special marriage act. Our family lawyers shall offer their clients the greatest expert services

Insolvency and bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy is a status that might result from insolvency. Simply put, when a person is unable to repay creditors on time, they become insolvent. Insolvency and bankruptcy services are provided by the firm for corporate creditors and debtors. Our Firm has a great deal of expertise in conducting lawsuits for and against both operational and financial debtors. The Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 has given India an effective method for starting bankruptcy procedures against financially insolvent companies. According to this Code, a financial creditor, an operational creditor, or the corporate debtor itself may begin the corporate insolvency resolution process in respect of a corporate debtor when the latter has failed to make payments on debts that have become due and payable but unpaid.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The term Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to several methods of resolving conflict outside the court. We are a team of Arbitrators and we help the disputed party speed up resolution at a very reduced cost.

We have expertise in various types of Alternative Dispute Resolution such as- Mediation (techniques like mediation work to facilitate agreements between two (or more) disputants, Arbitration (the process can only start if the parties have already signed a valid Arbitration Agreement), Conciliation (there is no requirement for an existing agreement, any party may request the appointment of a conciliator from our team).

Civil Dispute

A civil suit is one in which one or more parties are accused of breaking the civil law. Instances of civil lawsuits arise when one person wrongs another. The parties or litigants, in this case, relate to both individuals. The settlement of issues that are not criminal in nature is the subject of civil litigation. Our goal, in brief, is to provide solutions for problems that are of a civil or business nature. It is the result of numerous acts and laws. Instead of imposing punishment or levying penalties, as in the case of criminal litigation, the focus of civil litigation is on the settlement of damages or paying the party that was harmed. We deal with civil cases such as Contract Disputes, Injunctions, Money Recovery Suit, Torts, Criminal dispute, Cyber Crimes, etc.

Service\Employment dispute

Employment refers to any disagreement between employees and employers, employers and workers, or workers and workers that is related to someone’s employment or non-employment, terms of employment, or conditions of work.

Among the most frequent legal concerns that come up in the business world are those that are related to employment. Our experienced team of employment lawyers offers practical and proactive advice on all significant legal and regulatory aspects relating to employment and the employer-employee relationship.

Property\Real-estate dispute

A property dispute is, as the name implies, a legal conflict involving property in India. A dispute over title may occur for a variety of reasons, including when the property is acquired or after the acquisition, or when a third party challenges the validity of a bequest or gift that was used to acquire the property. The majority of real estate development projects are delayed for a variety of causes, but the most common one is a delay in the Builder’s ability to secure the necessary official and governmental compliances. We resolve disagreements over property purchased as a gift or through a Will, claims from co-owners, relatives, legal heirs, seller deception, the property’s defective title, disagreements over easement rights, etc through the process of Litigation.