Trademark Hearing


We shall help you in case of the trademark being wrongly registered in the register. The Act allows correcting such errors such as errors in the application form like the wrong address or contact details, error in the details of the trademark such as class, description, classification, and design, error in the details entered in the register, modifying details in the application such as the change of applicant and change of address, removal of the trademark when not in use for five years and three months.

We shall apply in the form “TM-16” along with prescribed fees. We shall submit the relevant application(s) along with the alterations required and relevant documents (depending on the alterations required) for supporting the alterations like identity proofs or address proofs.

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Submission of documents

Drafting of the application

Filing of the form

Approval of government


Correcting Mistakes

It allows the correction of any mistakes that may have been made during the registration process.

Updating Information

It allows for updates to be made to a trademark, such as changes in company names, logos, or taglines.

Strengthening Protection

This includes adding new goods or services to a registration, which can provide broader protection against potential infringers.

Enhancing Enforcement

Rectification can help to enhance the enforceability of a trademark by ensuring that it is up-to-date and accurately reflects the company’s branding. This makes it easier to identify potential infringers and take appropriate action to protect the trademark.

Trademark vs Copyright vs Patent





What can be protected?

Product, Service, Word, Device, Collective Mark, Numbers, Certification Mark, Packaging, Shape, Colour, Pattern, Sound, Symbol, Slogan, Tag line.

Inventions, Product or Process.

Books, articles, music, photography, sculptures, dances, sound recordings, motion films etc.


Distinctiveness and Uniqueness.

Novel, Unique and Industrial applicability.

Unique and Original work


10 years

20 years

Author’s lifetime + 60 years.


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