Trademark Registration


We are a team of Trademark Attorneys and we shall help you get your brand registered under Trademark. A trademark is a type of intellectual property that differentiates your product or services from other competitors in the market and makes you the sole authorized person to use the particular name or logo. It makes sure nobody else uses your brand’s logo, tagline, product shape and packaging, sound, fragrance, color combinations, and anything else that gives it a distinct identity. When a trademark is registered, the owner gains nationwide possession of the mark. A trademark registration serves as a formal notice that the trademark has already been registered.

Benefits of Getting Trademark Registration

Powerful Deterrent: A trademark owner obtains the ability to publicly display his or her brand as a registered trademark, alerting others and eliminating the defense of innocent infringement. If you are the first to file a trademark, the Trademark Office will reject to register any trademark that appears to be confusingly similar to another trademark. Legal Remedies When a trademark is registered, the owner gains the ability to sue anyone who is misusing their mark in any court.  

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Process of Trademark Registration:

Trademark Search

Our team shall conduct a Trademark search which will provide information about identical or similar Trademarks filed with the Trademark Registry.

Trademark Filing

Our team shall then proceed with Trademark application and it filed with the Trademark Registrar after the trademark search is completed.

Trademark Registration

If no objections or oppositions are raised, just the trademark document and registration will be prepared and issued. Trademark is deemed a registered trademark of the owner only once the Trademark registration Certificate is issued, providing the owner some exclusive rights to the mark. The ® Symbol can now be added to a logo or a trademark.

Trademark Journal Publication

The proposed Trademark is published in the Trademark journal once the Trademark Registrar accepts the registration application. In addition, members of the public can oppose a trademark registration if they believe it would harm them. If no objections are received within 90 days of publication, the mark will be registered in 12 weeks.If a third party objects to the application, the Trademark Hearing Officer will schedule a hearing. The Trademark Hearing Officer will determine if the application should be accepted or rejected.

The Vienna Codification Process

The Trademark Registrar will apply the Vienna classification to the Trademark based on the marks’ figurative elements after the Trademark registration application is filed. While this work is being done, the trademark application status is usually displayed as “Sent for Vienna Codification”.

Trademark Examination

Post completion of the Vienna Codification, the officer will check the Trademark application for accuracy and produce a Trademark examination report. The officer has the option of accepting the Trademark application, allowing trademark journal publication, or objecting to the Trademark registration process. If the application is denied, our Trademark Attorney shall appear or submit documents before the Trademark Officer to answer the concerns. If the officer finds the justification sufficient, the Trademark will be approved for publishing in the Trademark Journal.